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Sioux Boho Dress

Sioux Boho Dress



Fire Heart (Native American)


"Some women fear the fire, some women simply become it."


She is strong, confident and free. She believes, that love in its essence is a spiritual fire.

She has loved many man and she was loved many times. She goes on playing with the fire of love knowing, that it can warm her heart, but it can also burn her into ashes...  but she is not afraid, because she knows, that the fire burns even brighter in the darkness....


Handmade bohemian versatile dress with braided details. 


Sustainably custom made.


Pure organic cotton with silk finish.

Soft and natural material feels nice on the sunkissed skin. 


 Suitable also for very warm climates.


For international deliveries, please contact us via our business WhatsApp.


Production and delivery of the dresses takes up to 3 weeks

All the dresses are custom-made, desired adjustments can be arranged :)


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